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Hopefully, this information will lead to some good, whether it be a criminal investigation or other substantial benefit. Stronger regulation of Wall Street and lawyers is needed. Federal legislation to both deter and help prevent elder abuse is needed. Perhaps we will lift ourselves from our national mindset of hypocrisy & history (think Manifest Destiny) and consider the constitutional issue. Our Constitutional Rights in our land are sacred. Those are the rights we go to war to defend. It is our Constitutional Rights that our public servants swear to uphold. Yet it was a public servant, Judge Polly Jackson Spencer, in the course of a few minutes of knowledgeable legal formality and bantering, who delegated the constitutional rights of Lillian Glasser to another person by granting a temporary guardianship that lasted for two years.

Judge Spencer was forthright in declaring that her son had dated the temporary guardian’s daughter. Later, the other judge who handles guardianship cases in Bexar County, Judge Tom RIckoff, wrote to Judge Spencer complaining about how the lawyer filing the guardianship, KT Whitehead, had managed to choose Judge Spencer by filing multiple guardianships successively, enabling her to anticipate which was the next judge in line. Shortly thereafter.Judge Spencer ordered Mark Glasser to post a $25,000 bond as security for costs if he wished to continue fighting in court to save his mother. It seemed unfair and un-American. Under those circumstances in a Texas courtroom, the prudent action was to remain silent and post the bond. The premium for the bond was somewhat less than Akin Gump would have charged to explain the matter. Mark wasn’t fighting for his rights. He was fighting for his mother’s life and losing the battle. The only thing to do was to try to create a record. Paying that bond created a record and enabled Mark to keep fighting to save his mother. Had Mark not been able to post security for the bond, there would have been no bond, and he would not have been permitted to participate in Judge Spencer’s court in his efforts to save his mother, Lillian Glasser.

The focus on what transpired in Judge Spencer’s court should not be on Judge Spencer. Judge Spencer is considered an excellent judge. She is a prominent speaker on the Texas probate law lecture circuit, as is Stephen Jody Helman Esq. of Austin Texas whom she appointed to be Guardian Ad Litem for Lillian Glasser. Helman collected a couple of hundred thousand dollars in legal fees from Lillian Glasser by court award. The focus should be on the guardianship process, whereby constitutional rights are removed with an ostensible due process that makes a mockery of the principles behind and the human rights bestowed upon American citizens by the United States Constitution. Tens of thousands of guardianships are ordered every year. Initiating a guardianship, with removal of constitutional rights included, is cheap and easy. Without the guardianship process, the legal profession, if not impoverished, would be substantially diminished.

Maybe there will be some reform or awareness. If this story is worthy of a professional journalist or writer, an in-depth telling would be socially relevant. Perhaps there may be accountability. The cover-up that ensued during the tenure of Drinker Biddle extends the time period during which any improper action, civil or criminal, continued.

I am the son of Lillian Glasser. On April 25,2013, I wrote a letter to the Honorable David E French, Judge In the Circuit Court in Palm Beach County, Florida asking that the court recognize the claim my mother has against Goldman Sachs as an asset of her estate which he is currently adjudicating. I am pro se. The letter was docketed, Case ID #502013CP000194XXXXSB, but apparently does not entitle me to be heard. I have prepared a legal memorandum explaining the issues and I am actively seeking legal counsel.  Preparing the memorandum has been a challenge.  My efforts successfully engaged a second technology, and the information herein-above & herein-below presented could be expressed.  With the blessing of good counsel, the devil may receive his due.

Mark Glasser
Son of Lillian Glasser



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