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Parties of Interest

Edwards Angell Attorneys who worked with Robert Borteck on the Lillian Glasser Elder Abuse Case

Danielle A. Brucchieri: Participated extensively on the case. Conducted legal research regarding the limits of authority of the Adult Protective Services county agencies. Billed more hours than Robert Borteck, but did not work on seeking access to Lillian Glasser’s safe deposit box at Wachovia bank via Power of Attorney, as did Robert Borteck and other Edwards Angell Attorneys.

Kenneth Cesta, Esq.: Conferred with Goldman Sachs Counsel. Was one of the attorneys involved in seeking access to Lillian Glasser’s safe deposit box at Wachovia bank, via Power of Attorney. Reviewed research on legislative history of APS (Adult Protective Services) statute in New Jersey.
Nicholas Rosenberg: Played Minor Role
Brian Lamkin: Played Minor role
Steven Lucks: Played minor role assisting Robert Borteck. Conducted research re legality of tape recording conversations without consent and research re wiretapping
Jordana Serebrenik: Played minor role assisting Robert Borteck
Richard Sanders: Played minor role. Was one of the attorneys involved in seeking access to Lillian Glasser’s safe deposit box at Wachovia bank via Power of Attorney.
John Houlihan, Esq.: Limited Early role– possibly managerial

Edith M. Allen: Paraprofessional Involved by telephone in the effort to obtain access to Lillian Glasser’s safe deposit box at Wachovia bank, via Power of Attorney. Goldman Sachs turned over $27,000,000 upon receipt of a POA and a driver’s license via fax. The same POA when presented to Wachovia Bank was not well received nor readily honored despite persistent attempts by an array of Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge Attorneys.

Goldman Sachs Private Wealth Management Employees who worked The Lillian Glasser Account

Several Goldman Sachs employees became involved in Lillian Glasser’s affairs, other than David Lawrence, Stacey Eastland and Jonathan Torop. The following, mostly prominent Goldman Sachs employees, were involved. It is not known what their individual involvements were. This is a long list of big names to be working one client. Perhaps they were celebrating elder abuse.

Eiich Kuwana
Bradford Weston
Josephine Linden
Scott Kurtz
Daniele Benatoff
Jeff Meeker
Michele Cameron
Dick Sincerbeaux
Cindy Scrimenti

AARP: American Association of Retired Persons

AARP is a wealthy insurance company presenting itself as an advocate for protecting the rights of elder Americans. With the ostensible approval of AARP, Mark Glasser was able to engage and pay AARP’s top expert on granny napping and guardianship jurisdiction Sally Hurme esq. to help save Lillian Glasser. Mark paid Sally Hurme $5800. Sally Hurme, an internationally known jurist, in her field, flew to Texas for a day and wrote a brief. The AARP had first hand knowledge of the suffering and human rights abuses Lillian Glasser was enduring in Texas. Mark Glasser was informed that the AARP could do nothing, not even expose the elder abuse of Lillian Glasser because Mark had paid Sally Hurme. The AARP could have returned the money if it really wanted to help. Does the AARP really care about anything except business? The least AARP could have done was to feature the story in one of its publications or release a story about the matter to the press. Isn’t that the role of an advocate organization?

Alan Feld, Esq.: Of mega law firm Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld. Alan Feld was personally involved in the case, having been asked to help Mark Glasser try to save his Mother by Marty Lipton, Esq., and Lillian Glasser’s friends, Danny and Bonnie Tisch, of the Tisch family. Alan Feld told Mark how good his references were from the Tisches and Marty Lipton, rolled out the red carpet for Mark, whereupon Mark got screwed over by Akin Gump. Alan Feld and his firm had several conflicts, including a conflict with Goldman Sachs. Alan Feld cast shame upon his firm and his profession.

Drinker Biddle & Reath: Mega law firm effectively covered up for Goldman Sachs and did not disclose conflicts. Drinker Biddle’s actions may not be criminal as their cover-up began after Lillian Glasser had been freed from captivity from Texas. Jonathan Epstein Esq. was lead attorney for Drinker Biddle. Epstein was assisted by Kristine Dress Esq.



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