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Key Characters

David N Lawrence, Esq.: Former assistant U. S. Attorney. Lillian Glasser had been David Lawrence’s benefactor. The trust she placed in David Lawrence and the Power Of Attorney he accepted from her, left Lillian Glasser vulnerable. To a predator like David Lawrence, the temptation was irresistible. David N. Lawrence, an Associate General Counsel at Goldman Sachs, is an internationally recognized Authority on Compliance and Fighting Fraud and Money Laundering. David Lawrence and Stacey Eastland of Goldman Sachs were directly responsible for the Laundering of Lillian Glasser’s assets. David Lawrence refused to be deposed. David Lawrence is on the Board of Directors of John Jay College of Criminal Justice and is a Director of The Regulatory Data Corp, Inc. (RDC).

Stacey Eastland, Esq.: Goldman Sachs Managing Director. Breached fiduciary duty and devised the Family Limited Partnership which enabled Lillian to be stripped of her assets. It is not known if Eastland’s breach of fiduciary duty amounted to criminal conduct. Stacey Eastland refused to be deposed. Eastland is a nationally known authority on Family Limited Partnerships who has a connection with Robert Borteck. Stacey Eastland is best known for his culpability in the Cailloux case which resulted in a $ 70 million dollar verdict against his former employer, Baker Botts.

Jonathan Torop: A Judas Goat for Goldman Sachs. Jonathan Torop is now with Credit Suisse as Director, Private Banking, Credit Suisse Securities (USA), New York. Jonathan Torop is an internationally known Jewish Think Tank Intellect. He is on the Board of Trustees of the prestigious Institute for the Study of Global Anti-Semitism. He won Lillian Glasser’s confidence, as Goldman Sachs betrayed her trust. In street parlance, Jonathan Torop performed a role similar to bagman for Goldman Sachs Private Wealth Management. In plain English, Jonathan Torop might best be described as a Judas Goat. It is not known if Torop’s shocking breach of fiduciary duty amounted to criminal action. Torop may have been an accessory, or accessory after the fact.

Robert D. Borteck, Esq.: Prominent New Jersey Probate Lawyer. Borteck was working for and paid by Goldman Sachs while of record as representing another party. Borteck is currently not listed as working for Edwards Angell. Borteck was one of the Edwards & Angell attorneys involved in seeking access to Lillian Glasser’s safe deposit box at Wachovia bank via Power of Attorney.

Gregory Palm Esq.: General Counsel Goldman Sachs. Gregory Palm had personal knowledge of the elder abuse suffered by Lillian Glasser and the underlying causes. Palm was asked to take action and did nothing.

Joseph R. Purcell, Esq.: Of the law firm Purcell, Mulcahy, Hawkins, Flanagan & Lawless, in Bedminster, N.J. Joseph Purcell, conspired with Goldman Sachs attorneys,David Lawrence and Stacey Eastland against Lillian Glasser. Purcell left two trails. A paper trail and the trail of the tears of his victim and her supporters. Joseph Purcell testified that he acted as a scrivener for Stacey Eastland of Goldman Sachs. Had Joseph Purcell not availed himself from within the dark side of the law, the elder abuse of Lillian Glasser may never have transpired.



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