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Note for writers who might consider telling the story in its entirety. There are many additional interesting elements and people.

Example: The Machavellian and Luciferian Elements.

The Machavellian Elements
Ultimately, litigation freed Lillian Glasser from Texas, and undue influence was found to have been exercised. The Court ordered the money to be returned. But the Court did not fully address the participation of Goldman Sachs and its violation of its fiduciary duty, writing in its opinion that while “Goldman Sachs was allied with Suzanne in various financial transactions… [but] because Goldman Sachs did not participate in the trial and had no opportunity to defend against any such assertions, [he could] make no findings in that regard.” In the Matter of Lillian Glasser, An Incapacitated Person, Probate Docket No. 209568.

Joseph Catanese, Esq. was appointed guardian and given a mandate to take proper action. Catanese retained a Goldman Sachs Law Firm, Drinker Biddle. The conflict with Goldman Sachs was not disclosed. Word was circulated that Jonathan Epstein, the lead lawyer at Drinker Biddle, was the son of, Lillian Copleman, Lillian Glasser’s best friend when she was growing up. Jonathan Epstein’s uncle was Rutgers Football Hall of Fame Doctor, Hyman Copleman, a good friend of the Glasser Family. It appears that when you are working on behalf of Goldman Sachs, as Jonathan Epstein appears to have been doing, morality goes out the door. Jonathan Epstein did not even disclose Drinker Biddle’s glaring conflict with Goldman Sachs. Nor did Kristine Dress Esq. of Drinker Biddle respond to two written inquires from Mark Glasser inquiring whether Drinker Biddle was connected to Goldman Sachs. Joseph Catanese engaged the accounting firm of Amper Politziner (now Amper Politziner and Matta) to do a forensic accounting. David Politziner’s mother was a good friend of Lillian Glasser. David Politiziner was a principal at Amper Politziner, He is now Partner-in-Charge of Litigation Services at Eisner Amper. A forensic accounting was never done, and Drinker Biddle covered up for Goldman Sachs. The interjection of Jonathan Epstein and David Politziner into the matter seems Machievillian and had the desired effect of ensuring Mark Glasser that justice would ensue without further action or expense on his part. It appears that the false movements of intent to investigate by Drinker Biddle, were an attempt to help Goldman Sachs “run out” the statute of limitations. However, that cover-up extended the time before which the Statute of Limitations began to run. Goldman Sachs shot itself in the foot, with the Drinker Biddle cover-up. Another sign of bungling by Goldman Sachs’ underhanded operative David N Lawrence.

The Luciferian Elements
Lucifer Lighting Company lighting fixtures illuminate the Illuminati at the Corporate Offices of Goldman Sachs. Suzanne Mathews, Lillian Glasser’s daughter, is a principal of Lucifer Lighting Company. Suzanne Mathews testified that she used her power of attorney to instruct the Carleton House Hotel in New York, to charge a family vacation to Lillian Glasser’s American Express Card for $6666.16 Suzanne Mathews own credit card was credited back $6666. Suzanne Mathews indicated this was her mother’s wish.



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