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Elder Abuse Crimes of Edwards Angell Attorney Robert D. Borteck & David N. Lawrence, Esq. of Goldman Sachs

The criminal behavior of Robert D. Borteck, Esq., of the law firm Edwards Angell, and Goldman Sachs Associate General Counsel David N. Lawrence was instrumental in the Lillian Glasser Elder Abuse Case. David Lawrence first became involved in what led to the elder abuse of Lillian Glasser in 2002. Robert Borteck was directly involved from 2005-2007. The crime against Lillian Glasser continued as Drinker Biddle, a law firm closely associated with Goldman Sachs, covered up for Goldman Sachs from 2007 thru 2011. Lillian Glasser’s ordeal and captivity in Texas during 2005 – 2006 were well covered by the press. Limited civil proceedings ensued. Is this an effort to rehash old news? Why bring this forward now? Now I can show in detail criminal behavior by David Lawrence of Goldman Sachs and Robert Borteck of Edwards Angell. I have studied to learn better computer skills during the past 3 years and have learned to use advanced technology. The documents and filings involved in this matter were far too voluminous to simplify, organize, and explain without professional help which was beyond my reach. Goldman Sachs acted criminally to help ensure that Lillian Glasser remained a captive in Texas. Goldman Sachs knew of the psychological torture and extensive elder abuse Lillian Glasser was suffering in Texas. Goldman Sachs covered up its crimes with the help of various law firms, especially Edwards Angell and Drinker Biddle. Goldman Sachs engaged and paid Robert D. Borteck, Esq., of mega law firm Edwards Angell. Borteck acted to cover up the elder abuse of Lillian Glasser. Borteck endeavored to destroy the life of Liliian Glasser in order to protect Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs had breached its fiduciary duty and orchestrated the fraudulent conversion of Lillian Glasser’s assets When Lillian Glasser refused to submit to isolation and captivity, horrific elder abuse ensued. Robert Borteck used the law to try to keep Lillian Glasser in captivity where she was being subjected to psychological torture. Robert Borteck and David Lawrence were bumbling criminals. Lawrence and Borteck created paper trails. Borteck documented his criminal actions in court filings that would enable him to be prosecuted. A review of Borteck’s court filings will reveal what he did on behalf of Goldman Sachs. Days after the New York Times exposed the elder abuse Lillian Glasser was enduring in captivity in Texas, Robert Borteck filed a 113 page motion requesting a protective order to silence her cries and those of her supporters. Borteck’s motion also demanded the removal of the head of a New Jersey Adult Protective Services Office who had been outspoken about Lillian Glasser’s suffering. So dire was the predicament of Lillian Glasser in Texas, that less than a month after Robert Borteck made his 113 page motion filing, Mark Glasser filed an Emergency Motion for Request for Relief from Elder Abuse, in a desperate attempt to save his mother. On two occasions Robert Borteck filed documents that were false and misleading in furtherance of fraud and the cover-up for Goldman Sachs. Borteck filed a fraudulent fee certification to the New Jersey court in an attempt to extract $ 500,000 in legal fees from Lillian Glasser. Borteck was not entitled to file a fee application for fees paid to him by, or on behalf of, Goldman Sachs. Robert Borteck’s fraudulent fee application furthered the Goldman Sachs cover-up. Borteck was being paid by Goldman Sachs while ostensibly representing another client. In December 2005, Robert Borteck of Edwards Angell used fraud and deception to try to convince the N.J. court that confidentiality was the wish of Lillian Glasser, while Lillian’s life was slipping from her grasp under the weight of the chemical restraint Seroquel and psychological torture. Robert Borteck’s handler was David N. Lawrence, a Goldman Sachs Managing Director and Associate General Counsel. Lawrence, former Deputy Chief of the Criminal Division and Chief of the Public Corruption Unit for the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Southern District of New York, who maintains a false persona on Wall Street, as a former FBI Agent ( which he was not). Elder abuse for monetary gain is a booming business in the United States. There is no excuse for the FBI having not investigated and prosecuted the criminals in the Lillian Glasser case. This elder abuse scenario directly stemmed from the actions of Goldman Sachs in converting Lillian Glasser’s assets. Once Goldman had separated Lillian from her assets, she was held captive to prevent her from recovering her assets and ultimately exposing Goldman Sachs. When Lillian tried to escape captivity in Texas, Goldman Sachs, through Robert Borteck, attempted to use the law to control and restrain Lillian in order to cover up for its own financial misconduct. Goldman Sachs had fiduciary and moral obligations and duties to assist Lillian. Instead, after having robbed Lillian Glasser of her assets, Goldman Sachs endeavored to try to rob her of her life. It has been understood that the Lillian Glasser Elder Abuse Case is no longer worthy of review and was, in effect, a civil matter that can be explained by differences of opinion about medical care and excessive concern about elder abuse. Those opposed to further review can point out that most of the apparent monetary damage resulted from the $10 million dollars in legal fees awarded by Judge Polly Jackson Spencer in Texas, and Judge Alexander Waugh in New Jersey. The argument goes that Goldman Sachs did not award the legal fees, and what was left was apparently returned to Lillian Glasser, therefore no harm was done. Despite numerous requests, a forensic accounting has never been ordered and conducted in New Jersey or in Texas. Further, the life of an elderly person is considered of little value so the destruction of Lillian Glasser’s life is to be evaluated as of little consequence. I now present the Lillian Glasser Elder Abuse Case in a criminal context: the cover-up Goldman Sachs engineered by covering up criminal and civil misconduct. My focus has previously been on the cover-up by Drinker Biddle, which was so blatant and so easy to illustrate. However, the cover-up by Drinker Biddle happened after the elder abuse period and appeared to be only a civil impropriety. Now that the criminal activity of Robert Borteck and David Lawrence can be demonstrated, the entire Lillian Glasser Elder Abuse Case can be viewed in a more comprehensive light. In his efforts to silence Lillian Glasser and keep her confined in captivity in Texas, Robert Borteck references, “as per the Court’s request, six medical doctors participated in a conference call with the Guardian Ad Litem to discuss pending health related issue as relating to Lillian Glasser.” During the conference, two Court Appointed Doctors stated that Lillian Glasser was being subjected to psychological torture while being held in captivity in Texas. Borteck mentions that the conference included six doctors, but withholds from the Court the information about psychological torture. For the good of Goldman Sachs, and perhaps the love of Lucifer, Robert Borteck withheld this information from the N. J. Court as he sought to destroy Lillian Glasser. Goldman Sachs did not want Lillian Glasser released from captivity in Texas. So determined was Robert Borteck to keep Lillian Glasser in captivity in Texas, that he flew to Texas to attend Lillian Glasser’s medical examination. How frequently do Edwards Angell attorneys attend medical examinations of women? How could Goldman Sachs and Robert Borteck have committed such terrible abuses of the human rights of Lillian Glasser and gotten away with it to date? How will anyone be able to prove this? The situation with Robert Borteck and David Lawrence of Goldman Sachs is not unlike that of Whitey Bulger and his gang. Whitey Bulger was a bungling criminal, operating with impunity because he had law enforcement neutralized. David N. Lawrence of Goldman Sachs is a bungling criminal who did not cover his tracks. David Lawrence has the power of Goldman Sachs behind him, with its tentacles that extend deep into the U.S. Government. Whitey Bulger wrought havoc on society before he was brought to heel. With a different Modus Operandi, Goldman Sachs and Robert Borteck did the same to Lillian Glasser. It is time these elder abusing miscreants be held accountable for their crimes.

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